Stephanie's Story

I met Dr. Marlene Welch in early 2005 as a transferred patient from a hospital in Lima, OH where I had undergone an elective procedure (the removal of a sacral ulcer) that went horribly wrong. I was literally dying by the day. Dr. Marlene saved my life with intense therapy, additional debridements and final closures. Since then, I have trusted her to do whatever she thinks is best for me. This has included liposuction and many years later, ongoing surgeries to remove melanomas.

I was very frightened when I was first diagnosed with a melanoma on my ear lobe. Melanoma is nothing to ignore, especially an aggressive one. I faced the prospect of losing an earlobe, or worse… having the ear affixed to my cheek. Dr. Marlene’s demeanor and her optimism gave me both faith and confidence that I was in good hands. And, it worked! She actually did an earlobe graft, which included using a section of my other earlobe for symmetry. This was incredibly important to me since I wear my hair quite short with my ears exposed. It would have been very difficult for me to maintain my positive self-image with a serious disfigurement. She spared me that. I have the utmost in trust in this fine surgeon. If Dr. Marlene saw an area that needed to be addressed for either cosmetic or medical reasons, she would tell me and I would follow her advice without hesitation.

Dr. Marlene has the skills of a great, great surgeon, but she has the heart and passion of a woman. She is “warm-blooded” and she honestly cares about you. Surgeons have a reputation of not wanting to get to know their patients – just to cut and close, but Dr. Marlene becomes part of your life. She really is unique. Having worked in the medical field for over twenty years, I have met an enormous number of physicians and surgeons. Dr. Marlene stands out as the tiny, mighty, soul of steel. I love both her hands and her heart.